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BUI Opens First-Of-Its-Kind Cyber Security Operations Center

A comprehensive defence strategy is vital

A dedicated cyber security facility that leverages the intelligent cloud to help safeguard business organisations.

The service, which is called the BUI Cyber SoC, is a state-of-the-art facility backed by world-class Microsoft security technology, including Azure Sentinel – Microsoft’s cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) software – to not only manage your Microsoft security landscape but your entire IT infrastructures security landscape. The BUI Cyber SoC is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by certified consultants.

As the first local company to hold the prestigious Microsoft Gold Security Competency, BUI is the leader in security innovation.

“The combination of cutting-edge technology, industry-leading skills, and award-winning service is what makes our Cyber SoC so distinctive,” says BUI Security Manager Hilton Ashford. “It’s a cyber security resource unlike any other in South Africa. We aim to provide a comprehensive, compelling solution for organisations for their digital security.

“There’s a new headline about cyber crime almost every day,” continues Ashford. “And as the threats evolve, so too must our responses. Effective cybersecurity is not a one-time operation: safeguarding sensitive data requires constant vigilance, and not some software you buy.”

The BUI Cyber SoC uses multiple data sources (on-premises or in any cloud) to continuously monitor business environments. Its “tech-agnostic” system integrates with existing applications and products, including other security products and platforms as well as custom enterprise tools to provide a robust security overview for your unique security landscape.

With cloud-powered data collection and processing, threats are detected, analysed and managed in near real-time, while machine learning minimises false positives. Businesses have full visibility across the security landscape (with situational awareness of applications, devices, servers and users) on a continuous basis. The BUI Cyber SoC is billed based on each client’s usage, lowering the barrier to entry and overall costs and allowing for virtually unlimited capacity.

BUI is an official Microsoft Partner in South Africa, and an award-winning leader in identity and security solutions.

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