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Amplifying With Azure
Successfully migrating the customer’s digital environment into Azure – with zero downtime


Azure Network Watcher, Azure Backup for instances, Azure Backup for SQL Server, Azure Batch





What We Did

Migration to Azure
Business Challenge
Our customer, a Financial Services Company, was hosting its entire online environment with front-facing websites at a large local hosting provider in South Africa. BUI was brought in to help the business migrate all its services to Azure. The move had to be done seamlessly, with zero downtime. It also had to happen in the background, without affecting normal operations.
Project Outcome
Solving the customer’s problem involved end-to-end service delivery from BUI. BUI harnessed the strength and expertise of our networking team and our Azure cloud architects to successfully migrate the customer’s digital environment into Azure – with zero downtime.
Savings Our customer has been running services in Azure for more than 30 days, and already there is a substantial cost saving. Performance Improved performance has also been noted: batch processes that took 15 minutes to complete with the previous provider now take under 60 seconds. Security Enhanced security has been a particular game-changer for our customer… There were audible gasps when the results were first viewed via Azure Security Center and Azure Network Watcher.
Looking to the Future
The next step is to replicate the same environment to another region in Azure as a Disaster Recovery Site. This customer’s appetite for Azure services has grown enormously – because the business benefits are clear.

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