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Bidfood Infrastructure Transformed With VeloCloud SD-WAN
Future-Proofing operations by transforming Bidfoods network infrastructure to a cloud environment.


Upgrading IT Environment VeloCloud SD-WAN





What We Did

Migration to Cloud, implementing VMware SA-WAN powered by VeloCloud
Business Challenge
National food services distributor, Bidfood needed to find an effective and efficient way of upgrading its IT environment to not only reflect the growth of its business, but also future proof the business with the latest technologies available. Turning to BUI and Redvine Networks for assistance with this challenge.
Project Outcome
Future-Proofing operations by transforming Bidfoods network infrastructure for high availability, scalability and performance with the migration to a cloud environment.
VeloCloud architecture provides direct internet links affording dedicated bandwidth to individual sites while also providing the scalability required to expand as operations grow
Zero-Touch Deployment
Implementation which took place during COVID-19 Level 5 lockdown in SA was simplified thanks to the zero-touch deployment of VeloCloud, which was provided by Redvine enabling the plug-and-play deployment across all Bidfood branches.
Halved bandwidth costs while increasing capacity 10-fold
The rollout took an impressive 10 days from start to finish

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