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Introducing Legalty, Our Cloud-Powered Solution For Law Firms

Legalty by BUI

Security and mobility for small and medium-sized legal practices

  • Briefs. Memos. Notes.
  • Contracts. Deeds. Permits.
  • Statements. Agreements. Settlements.
  • Court papers. Case files. Transcripts.
  • Financial documents. Forensic reports.
  • Personal information. Client particulars.

Law firms handle large volumes of data

And they’re duty-bound to ensure the privacy and security of such sensitive material.

But it’s not always easy in digital environments with multiple end-users and multiple points of access.

That’s why we’ve created Legalty.

Legalty gives lawyers, attorneys, partners, paralegals, and their support staff the tools they need to work securely – and efficiently – everywhere, every day.


By combining the law firm’s existing legal software and Microsoft 365 in a managed, cloud-based environment that supports data encryption and device control. With built-in security. With built-in redundancy protocols. With comprehensive technical support. With a transparent pricing plan. Without bulky hardware. And without costly local servers.

Unified, simplified, secured

Legalty can be deployed for legal practitioners using LegalSuite, Lexis Convey, and most other third-party legal software applications.

Our all-in-one solution helps law firms to:

  • deliver enterprise-grade, always-on security for their IT environments
  • provide secure access for their team members to work remotely
  • ensure data protection and data privacy across devices
  • safeguard their digital resources against malware.

Legalty includes Office 365, with perennially popular Microsoft applications (like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) that are up to date and accessible anywhere, at any time, using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device connected to the Internet.

Legalty comes with top-notch communication tools that enable group email, team chat, and collaborative online meetings, as well as calendaring and scheduling facilities to simplify diary planning and management.

Legalty also features Advanced Threat Protection, a comprehensive security solution designed to protect organisations from increasingly sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks.

Want to know how Legalty can help your law firm to achieve more? Explore the Legalty website.

Keen to see Legalty in action? Request a demo with our team.

BUI is an official Microsoft Partner in South Africa, and an award-winning leader in identity and security solutions.

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