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The foundation of our success comes from investing in people, partnerships and innovation. Together, we can accomplish more. Our partners are empowered to build and deliver solutions that can address any customer scenario.

Over 90% of security incidents are caused by lack of staff awareness.
Assess the level of human cyber risk in your business, mitigate the risk where found and meet your compliance obligations.

Access the full platform to experience our comprehensive solution in action.

The biggest advantage of cloud adoption is the reduction of time your IT operational team spends on menial administrative tasks. Through adopting cloud solutions, they are freed up to become more innovative, strategic and reactive to business needs.

What they've said about us

Customer relationships are very important to us.
Our success has been driven by innovation, delivery and results!

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Stuart Chalmers
Infrastructure Manager, Capitec Bank
BUI’s involvement was instrumental in the success of this project.
Frans De Wet
Frans De Wet
Senior IT Manager, Clickatell
Besides the quality of their work, their expert advice have on numerous occasions enabled us to make the correct decisions for strategic commitments.
Leon Homan
Leon Homan
Project Specialist, Novus Holdings
BUI is involved with a few projects in our environment and their excellent knowledge helps us a lot in archiving our goal in the technology landscape. Specifically, in the Microsoft environment.
Stephan Jansen Van vuuren
Stephan Janse Van Vuuren
IT Manager (Acting) , George Municipality
“BUI’s involvement was instrumental in the success of our projects. As part of the process many technical challenges were overcome to ensure a smooth transition to the new technologies with little to no impact on end users.”