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Cyber mxdr

Managed Extended Detection and Response, by trusted Experts. The BUI Cyber MXDR Service

Cyber MXDR includes Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, with affordable pricing options to match your budget.

Protect your enterprise against evolving cyberthreats, with the help of an elite security team.

Cyberthreat management is one of the biggest challenges for enterprises today. Threat actors are launching more diverse, more sophisticated and targeted attacks more often, while IT security professionals are facing operational headwinds in the form of skills shortages, rising technology costs and increasingly complex digital environments.

Our Managed Extended Detection and Response service, BUI Cyber MXDR, is designed to improve your overall security posture through continuous monitoring, rapid detection and investigation, and comprehensive incident response.

BUI MXDR in action


We use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Sentinel to gather, correlate and analyse endpoint data, software telemetry and notifications from your connected resources. Our Cyber SOC teams then review this information to detect any misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, suspicious behaviours, compromise attempts or cyberthreats within your IT environment.


We harness the power of automation and Big Data to filter out false positives and alert noise, and create a unified view of your incoming security signals. Our Cyber SOC teams can then investigate, prioritise and triage any incidents, and proactively hunt for previously undiscovered cyberthreats that could damage, risk or otherwise harm your endpoints, networks, applications, workloads, emails, and critical data.


We apply global best practices, proven processes and powerful decision-making algorithms to remediate and resolve security issues automatically and at scale. Our Cyber SOC teams can respond to any incidents, deploy rapid containment measures, collect the necessary data for digital forensic examinations, and provide actionable insights and expert guidance to help you reduce your attack surface.

"As security advisors and partners, we make sure that our customers receive unrivalled service and support at every stage of their journey with us."

- Willem Malan, Chief Technology Officer, BUI

Our Credentials

Why choose BUI as your MXDR partner?


As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider with 16 Silver and Gold competencies, we understand the depth and breadth of the Microsoft ecosystem – and we can help you to maximise your Microsoft licences and resources for greater security.



As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider with 16 Silver and Gold competencies, we understand the depth and breadth of the Microsoft ecosystem – and we can help you to maximise your Microsoft licences and resources for greater security.



As a Gold Microsoft Partner with 10 Advanced Specializations spanning Cloud Security, Information Protection & Governance, and Threat Protection, we have the expertise and experience needed to help you eliminate blind spots in your IT environment.



As a consistent Microsoft Security Partner of the Year, we’ve demonstrated our ability to safeguard organisations against evolving cyberthreats. We can handle your day-to-day security management so that your staff are free to focus on what matters.



As a trusted security partner, we hire top-tier experts who are dedicated to service excellence. Our team members hold 270+ industry and vendor certifications from Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks and Cisco, among others.

“Our security specialists are world-class technologists with a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses are facing today.”

- Ryan Roseveare, Managing Director, BUI

Our Pledge

Protection and peace of mind

When you partner with BUI, you’ll benefit from better visibility across your security landscape, human-led, intelligence-driven security operations, and true teamwork.


Understanding your security posture and risk exposure is vital for your decision-making process. Once you’ve identified the gaps in your IT environment, you can channel your resources and budget more accurately. With BUI MXDR, you’ll have a holistic view of your security landscape and a team of experts to advise you on strategic improvements and adjustments.


Recruiting and maintaining your own staff complement of security specialists is a time-consuming and costly exercise. With BUI MXDR, you’ll have access to best-of-breed security technology as well as best-in-class cyber experts who will ensure that any threats to your IT environment are detected, investigated and mitigated as quickly as possible.


You can count on our Cyber SOC teams for communication, collaboration and value-driven engagements. With BUI MXDR, you’ll receive regular executive reports on the status of your IT environment, and you’ll be able to take part in scheduled feedback sessions to track your overall progress towards security and compliance benchmarks.

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